Why not dare to dream?

I consider myself a sports and training person. I always have been. Sports teach us dozens of values about constant effort, the desire to outdo ourselves, to build upon our qualities, to strive tirelessly, to be responsible and disciplined, to work as a team, to be generous, to identify selfish people who only think individually, and to combat negative energies which burden the team so that they do not affect the overall well-being of the group. Sports teach us many values that, unfortunately, are not so easy to come across nowadays.

Today it seems like dreams are only for children. While children live in an unreal world, we – the adults – are already aware of so many different realities, so why should we dare to dream? Or is it seen as a weakness if we do? Is it unrealistic and childish to dream?

I think that experience sometimes makes us a little bit sceptical, it robs us of our spontaneity when it comes to starting new projects, it makes us more cowardly, we get caught up in the usual clichés and our dreams are put aside, the last thing we want is to get our hopes up too much because then the disappointment will be even greater. Or because of what other people might think.

I would say that experience, age and circumstances are not compatible with hope, not in the slightest. While hope may not be never-ending, I think that goals are. However, a coach cannot afford the luxury of dreaming; how

would we be able to teach young people? How could we share our passion with them? How could we teach them to love our sport? How could we do it? Casting ourselves as authority figures? I don’t see it that way, for me it is quite the opposite.

Training is kind of unreal because it is difficult to escape so many magical situations: what a close-knit team is able to achieve, the mix of emotions that a game can bring, the extraordinary accomplishments, the goals achieved, the disappointments suffered and overcome…

Training is about struggling so that you do not lose sight of the passion that made you start playing in the first place, it is about striving towards what we want, and growing both professionally and personally.

We all know that there are outside interests, lots of opinions and concerns surrounding us, but among of all this, the game is still our entertainment and we should not forget that, defeating the negative impact of speculators and finding the best, the most passionate, for ourselves, the thing that makes sport so appealing, both individual or team sports. In my case, it is indoor football.

The day I started coaching a children’s team in my village, Morata de Tajuña, I never thought that my dreams would come true, to play in the First Division of the former Honorary Division and to be the head coach of a club as important as Caja Segovia Futbol Sala. And today, being at the helm of a great club like the ETO Futsal Club, striving to win titles, competing in the UEFA and, what is more, coaching children with high hopes and big dreams…

At 29, my professional dreams have come true. So, now what? That is what I said to myself and so I learnt not to put any limits on my dreams.

And that is what I am trying to achieve, I keep on dreaming and I do not limit myself. Day after day, I hope to continue to grow and learn, both on a professional and personal level. Personally, I also keep on living my dreams: I married Ainhoa in 2012 and without her, many of my dreams and professional challenges would never have been possible. This year, another wonderful dream has come true: the birth of my son Borja, an event in my life which words cannot describe.

And today, thanks to the help of Jorge and Pedro Diez (I will talk about the latter here one of these days) I have my own personal website, another dream of mine. I hope you will enjoy it and that you find its content helpful.

Posted on 11 December, 2013 in Illusion

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