Christmas is coming…

Christmas time has come around again. The streets are filled with decorations and people gather to celebrate with family and friends. Tomorrow families will spend the evening together and they will do the same in one week’s time.

Christmas is not only a time for longing, dreams and hope, but also for reflection. It is a good time to change and make our lives shine for others. It is not only about gifts, parties, holidays, lunches or dinners, but also about giving our all, taking a break, putting our hectic lives to one side, forgetting about the rush, concerns, the constant coming and going from one place to the next, and stopping to think about our mistakes, or people we might have offended, and the obstacles we are yet to overcome. To reflect on everything we have done during the year. It is a time for giving to others – without restraint, doubts or prejudices – the thing that is the best, the most precious, the most valuable and yet the most simple: love.

Love comes in different shapes and sizes, it implies devotion, overcoming pride and resentment and forgiving those who might have hurt us. It is capable of healing the pain inside of us and restoring our inner peace. A mere smile, a sign of affection, a word of encouragement or simply offering understanding can be enough. If you give love you will receive love, if you give joy you will receive joy, if you give comfort you will receive comfort, and if you give peace you will receive peace, because life itself is rewarding. Let’s start today, in the present, and not let a single moment get away. Let’s start this Christmas and never forget to be happy.

On behalf of my family and myself, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to 2014.

Posted on 24 December, 2013 in Christmas

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